What Do I Do If I Have Severe Injuries From A Car Crash?

When involved in a car crash, you will likely suffer numerous severe injuries. Whether life-threatening or not, they will affect your life in many ways. Along with months of medical treatment, you will have medical bills adding up to thousands of dollars. And to make matters worse, you will be off from work, which will make it harder to pay your medical bills. Due to the impact car accident injuries can have on your life, there are several things you should always do immediately after the accident.

Call Police
In the event of an accident, always call police to the scene. By doing so, they will complete an accident report, which may be crucial when you file a car accident claim. In most cases, the officer will make an initial determination as to which driver was at fault, which could help your case substantially.

Get Medical Treatment
First and foremost, always seek medical treatment immediately for your injuries. Along with car accident injuries that are obvious, you may also have injuries that may not become noticeable for several days. By having your injuries treated and evaluated, you will have documentation that the injuries were indeed sustained in the accident, which can be useful to your car accident attorney.

Take Pictures and Obtain Information
If possible, you or a passenger in your vehicle should take numerous pictures of the accident scene. These should include pictures displaying damage to vehicles, nearby property damage, skid marks, road conditions that may have led to the accident, and anything else that may be important. Along with this, always try to exchange insurance information with the other driver, and always get contact information from the driver, as well as any witnesses at the scene.

Don’t Talk to Insurance Companies
After you’ve filed a car accident claim, chances are an insurance company will contact you to discuss the accident. While they may appear to be on your side, they are probably focused instead on finding evidence they can use to deny your claim. Therefore, never give any statements to insurance companies. Instead, let your car accident attorney do the talking for you.

Hire an Attorney
To ensure your legal rights are protected in these complex legal cases, always hire an attorney who has experience handling car crash cases. In doing so, you will have sound legal counsel every step of the way, giving you peace of mind.