Top 5 Mistakes Made After An Automobile Accident

When you are involved in an automobile accident, it’s natural to be upset and confused. Along with damage to your vehicle, you may also have injuries ranging from minor to life-threatening, huge medical bills, a prolonged absence from work, and other difficult circumstances. However, despite all this, don’t let the confusion and fear get the best of you. Unfortunately, many people do just the opposite, and make numerous mistakes after the accident that either lessen the value of their automobile accident claim or eliminate their chances of compensation altogether. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, here are five common mistakes made after an automobile accident.

Not Calling the Police
Even if the accident is minor, call police to the scene. By doing so, they will document the accident, and also determine who was at fault. Therefore, if you were not at fault, you will have a police report stating this, which is very convincing to insurance companies.

Failing to Seek Medical Treatment
No matter what, always be evaluated by a doctor immediately after your accident. Whether you feel as if you suffered no injuries or choose to “tough it out” with a sore back or neck, this can give the insurance company of the at-fault driver plenty of ammunition to de-value your automobile accident claim. By failing to get treatment immediately or at all, the insurance company may claim you are exaggerating your injuries or even faking them. In these scenarios, if you have no medical evidence to back up your claims, you may receive little or no compensation.

Failing to Take Pictures of Accident
If your injuries are relatively minor, always take pictures while at the accident scene. These pictures should include:
–Damage to both vehicles
–Any property damaged due to the accident
–Skid marks on the road
–Weather that may have contributed to accident (snow, ice, rain)
–Other factors (poor road maintenance, etc.)
Unfortunately, many victims assume police take these pictures, when in fact they don’t. Therefore, always have as many pictures as possible, since your automobile accident lawyer can use them to build your case.

Giving Statements to Insurance Companies
Under no circumstances should you ever speak to an insurance company without prior approval from your automobile accident lawyer. If you do, they will use what you say against you, since adjusters are quite good at getting accident victims confused during questioning.

Posting Pictures and Comments on Social Media
While it may seem natural to get on social media to talk about your accident and post pictures, it can mean disaster for your accident case. By making off-the-cuff comments or posting pictures of you doing normal activities, chances are the insurance company will use this against you.

Rather than make mistakes that could cost you the compensation you deserve, hire the services of an experienced automobile accident lawyer. When you do, you’ll not only receive excellent legal advice, but also know your rights will be protected during each step of this confusing and complex process.