Injured in a hotel’s airport shuttle van? When you can receive No Fault benefits

If you are at any large airport in the United States, you have used hotel airport shuttle vans. However, as these vans have become a common source of transportation for hotels and their guests, the number of accidents involving these vans and their passengers has also increased. Since many factors are at play when you are involved in one of these accidents as a passenger, here are some important details to remember, and also why it will be crucial you contact an airport shuttle van accident attorney as soon as possible.

Receiving No-Fault Benefits

If you are injured in an airport shuttle van accident, you are entitled to receive no-fault benefits. However, there are important distinctions to keep in mind. To begin with, it will be the airport shuttle van’s insurer that will be responsible for paying for your no-fault benefits as the injured passenger. However, this is all contingent upon it being determined the van was being operated in the business of transporting passengers at the time of the accident.

Meeting the Criteria

Unfortunately, many insurers of airport shuttle vans may try to manipulate the facts to imply their van was not meeting the criteria of being operated in the business of transporting passengers at the time of the accident. Because this has been a common tactic of these companies, courts have established certain criteria that maintain a van was being operated under conditions necessary to require an insurer to pay no-fault benefits. These criteria include:

–The hotel’s airport shuttle van was being operated in a “commercial” situation

–The van’s primary purpose was to transport passengers to and from the airport

–The shuttle service is considered a “significant part” of the hotel’s business

Once your airport shuttle accident lawyer proves these aspects, the van’s insurer will be obligated to pay no-fault benefits to you as an injured passenger.

Out-of-State Passengers

In some cases, an insurer will argue an out-of-state passenger is not entitled to no-fault benefits. However, there are two exceptions to this, such as:

–Being an occupant of vehicle registered in the state at time of accident

–Your out-of-state auto insurer has filed certification to comply with section 3163

Once your airport shuttle accident lawyer determines one or both of these exceptions are met, you will be entitled to receive no-fault benefits from the van’s insurance provider.

What is Section 3163?

In regards to section 3163, this refers to an out-of-state auto insurer filing a certification with a state guaranteeing that for being allowed to conduct business in that state, the insurer will pay no-fault benefits to the out-of-state resident who was injured in the accident.

While these cases may appear to be open and shut in many instances, they are often extremely complex, since multiple insurers are involved. Because of this, always rely on an experienced and knowledgeable airport shuttle van accident attorney to guide you through the process. By contacting an airport shuttle accident lawyer today, you will have expert legal representation from start to finish.